Beautiful Kitchens Perfect For Your Homes

The kitchen is a very special room in any household, and some may argue, the most important. Indeed, many will refer to this space as the heart of the house, as it not only provides living sustenance to the home’s inhabitants, but also acts as the centre point for family socialisation.

It is a space where we can fulfil our most basic of needs, or let our creative side take over. It provides a safe retreat from busier spaces in the home when you just want quiet cup of coffee in the morning, but can also be a hub of activity when everyone gathers for dinner time preparations.

There is absolutely no questions of the kitchen’s significance, and therefore we here at homify wanted to take a minute and simply appreciate 10 sterling examples of this magnificent space. So please, sit back and just enjoy these 10 simply stunning kitchens!

1. Earthy inspiration

Our first kitchen is acool and calm area coated in earthy tones to keep things calm and comforting.

2. Eclectic modernity

3. Zen serenity

Tranquility is imminent in this kitchen area, with the subdued colours and polished stones to make the room feel more like a meditative space than a task area.

4. Pattern mania

This modern kitchen manages to incorporate different patterns in the tiling which produces as surprisingly harmonious, yet striking effect. This is a composition which surely requires the eye of a talented designer.

5. Rustic

Next up, we have a nostalgic feature relying heavily upon the rustic design style. The stone walls and steel features of this kitchen is warm and inviting.

6. Mediterranean dreams

Bursting with colour and life, this Mediterranean style kitchen must make cooking a joy to anyone, whether you’re a master chef or apprentice.

7. Sophisticated stone

This Asian style kitchen is the epitomy of sophistication in the contemporary style. The use of different types of stone throughout the design definitely drives home the elegant atmosphere.

8. Industrial eclecticism

This massive kitchen is overwhelmingly industrial, with it’s exposed construction elements and deconstructed features. A quirky side is added, however, in the addition of mismatched furniture and wooden pieces.

9. Scandinavian perfection

Small kitchens can also be impressive, such as is the case with this Scandinavian style feature that makes use of wood and subway tiles to perfect the space.

10. Tropical heat

The last kitchen on our list is a tropical feast for the eyes. The warmth exuded by the colours, materials and lighting used in this space must attract inhabitants and guests like moths to a flame.


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