Beauty Products We Can’t Live Without

We love supporting local business, and we love it even more when those businesses make products that get our skin glowing and hair shining. While there are plenty of beauty products on the market to primp, prime and bring out our most beautiful selves, these proudly South African beauty products are right up there with our top picks…

1. Oh-lief products are made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, and the sisters responsible for the range are so confident in their products and their goodness, they’ve said they’re good enough to eat! While we might not try that, we will be using Oh-lief Natural Olive Hand Wax on dry skin.

2. Hooray! Beaucience is committed to helping us fight the signs of ageing with the youth-boosting ingredient, proteasyl — an ingredient which is unique to the range. Their Immediate Beauty BB Cream is a fabulous all-in-one that moisturises and protects your skin, all while giving light coverage and a gorgeous glow.

3. Here’s something a little different… Optiphi was developed based on its founder’s biomedical background, so you know you’re in for a genuinely fantastic product! The range targets the factors that contribute to aging, leaving you with rejuvenated skin. Regular use of Optiphi Refine-foliant promises to leave you with more toned and supple skin — and who doesn’t want that?

4. Esse products harness the power of responsibly harvested African plant extracts to bring organic skincare to the masses. The range is sustainable, organic and cruelty free — even more reasons to love it! The great Esse Serum delivers a dose of hyaluronic acid that hydrates and repairs skin, leaving it balanced and radiant.

5. Dr Robert Gobac researched and developed the DR. GOBAC range by testing it on his own skin. Now that’s dedication! The products combine natural ingredients with plant extracts to give us products that heal and protect the skin. We rely on the antibacterial properties of DR. GOBAC Spot TX for a blemish-free face.

6. The South African beauty products in the Environ range boasts international celeb followers like Naomi Watts and Elle Macpherson, and it all started here over 25 years ago. Vitamin A is their power ingredient, which fights the effects of the environment, pollution and stress. We’ve fallen in love with their  Environ Revival Masque, which is being hailed as ‘a facelift in a jar’.

7. Created to suit our climate, and with the goodness of rooibos extract, what’s not to love about African Extracts? Rooibos is rich in minerals and antioxidants, including aspalathin and nothofagin, which act against free radicals. Try the African Extracts Rooibos Tissue Oil on skin, nails and hair to rehydrate, regenerate and restore.

8. Yet another awesome natural and eco-friendly range on our doorstep! Did you know that shea butter has a natural SPF of 7? Brilliant since it’s used regularly here! Get a smoother shave while protecting your skin from the sun with Africology Shave Cream. Win-win! We’d expect nothing less from spa experts Africology.

9. After almost 45 years, Justine has secured their spot as a much-loved local beauty brand. We’re spoilt for choice with their range, but right now our skin is loving this Justine Hydrating Anti-fatigue Mask.

10. The aromatherapy pros at SOiL farm, process and market all their own products, meaning quality control is of the highest standards. These guys know exactly what you need to relax and unwind, so give your body a treat with Soil Balancing Baobab Bath Salts — the essential oils are sure to invigorate your spirit.

11Charlotte Rhys has been tickling our senses since 1999 with a fabulously luxurious bath, body and lifestyle range, and has secured its spot as one of the top luxury South African beauty products and ranges. Our current favourite in the range is the velvety Charlotte Rhys Body Butter, which leaves you with soft, supple skin and a heavenly scent — guaranteed!

12. Started in Ermelo in 1980 by Elma Mckenzie, PLACECOL is a proudly South African range that keeps getting better. Add Placecol Moisture Hold Therapy to your skincare routine for a 24-hour moisture boost that also calms and smooths — plus it stimulates collagen production, keeping you looking your best.



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