Deeptone Recordings – We Are Africa

Essential I feat Ole – We Are Africa

Title : We Are Africa
Artist : Essential I
Featured Artist : Ole
Style : Afro House
Language : English
Label : Deeptone Recordings
Publisher : Purebliss Recordings
ISRC : ZA-75I-17-00002

The art of Music has its own distinctive way of elevating the soul and awaken even the dampest spirit. In Africa, we are lucky to possess a rhythm that is distinct only to us and that is precisely what we should embrace.

The sounds that come from nature, the forests, mountains and rivers are what truly defines our sound.

Essential-i combines all of these elements in WE ARE AFRICA, to take the listener upon a journey less travelled by most. The powerful vocals that resemble a strong woman firm in her Africanness by paying homage to all the nations that bring together this land of pride and strength.

“We are Africa” contains cultured components of a musician with an ear of a Black Coffee at his peak, the soul of a Culoe de Song and the rhythm excellence of a Prince Kaybee.

Real music is here to last and “We are Africa” by Essential-i possesses all the aspects of an anthem that will define an era because of the pride and patriotism in its lyrics and the sound known to Africa.

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