Different ways to tie super-stylish tie knots

Your tie doesn’t have to be boring. Besides the patterns and fabrics, you could change up the knots for extra style points

There is no need to limit your tie style to the simple Oriental knot. We’ve gathered the most practical and adventurous knots to help you up your style game – every time. Here’s how to wear this season’s hottest ties.


This knot may look simple, but it requires a few loops to tie it. If tied correctly, it produces a neat symmetrical triangle. The half-Windsor has fewer loops to it, but gives you a similar look.


This is a truly versatile and elegant knot; use it for formal occasions. Visually, it’s similar to the WindsorBulthus and Nicky, but all of these are tied differently.


One of the easiest knots, this works best with wide neckties, made from heavy fabrics. Some people end up with this knot when they’re actually trying to tie the Windsor or Pratt.

Prince Albert (Christensen)

With loads of character, this knot is perfect for formal and casual wear. It looks best with narrow collar openings.

Van Wijk

Slightly different from the Albert, because it adds a loop. When done correctly, this will give you a layered cylinder effect.


This knot has three-way symmetry; the pattern focuses in the centre of the knot. This may seem difficult, but the moves are actually quite simple. Adding a extra loop to this will give you a different knot: The Rose.


A very interesting knot visually, with plenty of character. This knot is for the brave when it comes to wearing it with formal wear, but it will fit in well at virtually any social event. It works best with plain or slight textured patterns, which allows for the pattern of the loop itself to be visible.

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