Five fashion mistakes you’re probably making right now

Here are five of some of the most common fashion mistakes men make and advice on correcting them

Buttoning a suit

If your suit jacket has two or more buttons, the bottom button must never be buttoned. It just looks better and cuts a cleaner silhouette. There’s a practical element to this rule as well. It’s a preventative measure to make sure that the button doesn’t pop out when you sit down.

Trousers that are too long 

If your suit pants are covering half of your shoe and a bit is mopping the floor as you walk, you need to either put that pair in the bin or have them tailored. If your pants simply must touch your shoes, then they shouldn’t extend as far as the the shoelaces. If you’re a champion of the ankle-bearing movement, then cropping your pants to end just above your ankle is also an option.

Wearing loose-fitting clothes 

While you might feel that loose-fitting clothes hide the right areas, they also make you look broader and – possibly – sloppy. In the same breath, you shouldn’t go too tight either – but we’ll deal with that later in the article.

Considering the tie length

One’s tie should reach the middle of one’s belt buckle and should never hang any lower than that. A tie that’s too long or too short makes you look sloppy and disorganised and generally leaves a bad impression.

Wearing clothes that are too tight

While we’re all for slim-fits, many guys take it too far. A garment that’s slim-fit is only meant to look fitted, not make you look as though your breath is being sucked out of your lungs with every movement. If you can’t fit your index finger into your shirt cuff, maybe the shirt is a bit too “slim-fit” for you.



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