Ironsight Free FPS Game 2021 – South Africa

This is one of the games we found to be interesting and worth playing if you don’t have Call of Duty, Battlefield or other game titles.
Brief description: Online FPS game, near future background, Resource Warfare between Military Forces and PMC. More than 50 kinds of original weapons with customization option. Use Peripheral objects, Tactical drones, Active objects to experience dynamic warfare.

Interesting Facts:
  • Two Teams / Clans – play as either the NAF or Eden in the hot battles for a newly discovered resource.
  • Many interesting maps – fight in locations around the world, with each map having distinct layouts and weather conditions.
  • 100+ Weapons – choose from over a hundred customizable weapons, including grenades and EMPs
  • Drones –Over 10 Drones to choose from, able to deploy 3 types of drones in a match; as many times as possible based on gameplay.
  • Amazing Characters –You get cool customizable characters, can buy or mostly different types of clothing, accessories and skins for character & weapons
  • Replay – You are able to instantly reply your match and others so you can see how you play or where to improve. And you can see cheaters in replay too; do something about after seeing 🙂
  • Multiple PVP Game Modes – Gun Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Capture the Flag, Secure Point and other Modes to build up weapons or practice.

Download and Enjoy:


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