Malema demands Zuma’s Nkandla be turned into a college


The EFF is officially gearing up to celebrate their fifth birthday this weekend. With a big stadium booked out in the Eastern Cape, party leader Julius Malema has been at his best during the run-up. Now, Jacob Zuma and Nkandla are back in the firing line.

Nkandla College? Julius Malema says yes

Malema was addressing a rally in Buffalo City on Tuesday when he delighted many South Africans by referring to former President Jacob Zuma as “butternut head”. Malema has called Zuma many things over the years so it seems he has decided another new joke was needed.

Malema didn’t just have a go at Zuma’s appearance. He lambasted JZ for draining state resources in hiring an expensive legal team to defend himself at a pending corruption trial, which resumes on Friday.

What do all South Africans know that absolutely chowed state funds? Nkandla, of course.

“We are not done with Zuma. We want that house that was built with our money to be turned into a TVET college in Nkandla so that our money can serve our people‚” said Malema.

As Malema and the EFF have always said, they want to make education fashionable amongst young people in South Africa. With doctorate, masters and honours degrees aplenty, you have to admit that they are doing pretty well so far in that regard.

The idea of turning Nkandla or even part of it into a college should go down swimmingly.

Staying with ANC issues, Malema also told supporters that the council in Buffalo City have been running a “sex for jobs” exchange. We’re not even joking.

“We are tired of Zuma, and his butternut-shaped head. We can’t be paying for him all the time. Zuma is hiring lawyers for his case, and the citizens are going to pay – it’s going to be about R150 000 a day.”

“You will not get a job in Buffalo City unless you sleep with them [ANC officials]. They want sex before they offer you a job, these ANC thieves.”

And some ANC members supposedly want Malema back in their party? Don’t count your chickens, folks.



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