Maxum Digital Esports Day – Ga-Rankuwa, YMCA Community Wall – 29 July 2018

In celebration of the Youth Month, Maxum Digital will be hosting the first ever township based Gaming & Esports Day, powered by Ekasi Gaming. The event will be hosted at Ga-Rankuwa township at the YMCA Hall on the 29 June 2018.

The objective of this Gaming & Esports day is to raise awareness on the career and entrepreneurial, opportunities by exposing the youth from the townships and rural areas to the world of gaming & Esports. The events will also provide market exposure for local game developers, studios and entrepreneurs in emerging technologies by showcasing their innovations. We believe that there needs to be sustainability the following are the areas of interest that we ideally believe the local leaders can carry forward and plug into our ecosystem:

– Is to bring awareness of the overall gaming ecosystem to the communities.
– Provide a platform for the youth to decide how they want the gaming industry should be structured through engagement.
– A working committee that will discuss the needs and wants for the gaming industry at Garankuwa.
– Community leaders to form part of the Mind Sport South Africa (federation for gaming in South Africa).
– To get one of the community leaders in Garankuwa to be the regional director for Tshwane Mind Sport South Africa (MSSA).

Esports Day Overview
Ekasi Gaming is an organisation that addresses inclusivity within the gaming and Esports industry, we advocate for the development of youth in the gaming and Esports by conducting grass roots initiatives were gaming and Esports is not know and used as a form of leisure.

The programme is structured in the format that it educates and creates awareness about gaming and Esports, we are bringing entrepreneurs that has developed a game / virtual reality game, Wits University Digital arts department focusing on a game development course, VEGA a gaming private college, Ekasi Gaming to speak about opportunities to become a professional Esports Player to earn an income, Maxum Digital (TIH) for Incubating entrepreneurs who are interested in starting companies to develop games and commercialize them through its networks with Mind Sport South Africa (MSSA) be the leader and a federation that runs Gaming Tournaments, Leagues, Trials for children to represent the country by getting the national colors from international games, once the child get the national colors automatically qualify for getting a school bursary.

Event Participants

Ekasi Gaming has previous network working with the NGOs based at Garankuwa namely Phaphamang Projects and Tlhokomelo Community Foundation which we reached out to assist in this event becoming a success and the objectives are carried long after the event has passed to ensure our youth benefit from the gaming industry which is estimated to be R 3 billion by the year 2019.

The youth representation will be from 3 wards namely ward 30, 31 and 32 each will have 50 youth that will be picked up on the following pick up points.

Bus 1
– Via 15
– Tsunami
– Via 16
– Zone 4 and,
– Z5
Bus 2
– Zone 8
– Zone 7
– Masakeng Z3,
– Z6
– Z2 and Z1
These buses will send the youth to the YMCA Hall.

The participants that had been picked up will be given food with the following categories:
– Breakfast
– Lunch
– Closing Tea
Your presence and endorsement towards this prestigious event will be highly appreciated.

More information:
Mpho Tladi – Ekasi Gaming Pty Ltd
Maxum Digital Esports Day Committee Member
MSSA City of Johannesburg Regional Director
079 271 8518 / 078 952 8570


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