The five types of shirts every man should own

The casual button-down shirt

The casual button-down shirt is inherently smart, but because of its softer construction, it’s not as serious as a dress shirt. This type of shirt works well as a smart-casual substitute for the polo or plain tee.

White dress shirt

The white dress shirt is the ultimate menswear essential and no modern man should be without at least three to four of these. This is the most versatile item on this list, as there is no dress code that the white dress shirt won’t fit – from the most formal to the most casual. It comes in many different variations, so your choice is really all about personal preference. At its core, a well fitting white dress shirt will make your life a whole lot easier.

Patterned shirt

The patterned/print shirt is an essential in any man’s wardrobe and serves many functions. It’s not only for the beach and super-casual occasions. The print shirt can also be worn with a suit as a substitute for a traditional dress shirt – this works especially well when your intention is to dress down your suit for a more smart-casual/business look.

Denim shirt

While denim jeans and jackets often take all the menswear glory, denim shirts also have their place. A denim shirt will probably become one of the most versatile shirts you’ll have in your wardrobe. It works for any occasion, bar when it calls for a super-serious dress code. A denim shirt will work for business-casual, casual or smart-casual looks.

Short-sleeved polo shirt

The short-sleeved polo shirt has been a menswear essential for many years, mainly because of its versatility – it can fit into any ensemble! Whether you’re going for a sports-luxe look or a formal one, the polo shirt will make sense in every sphere.

Liven up your spring wardrobe with just a few items

A few well-chosen pieces are all you need to see the new season in with style

Trendy sunglasses

Over the years, the design of sunglasses has become much more varied and innovative, giving consumers more choice in terms of material, colour, shape and overall aesthetic. Avoid the temptation to go for your usual buy, and use this season instead to play with your style, trying out various shapes and colours.

A lightweight watch

You may be wondering how a watch can be associated with a season. Well, frankly, it can’t really be – but aesthetically speaking, it does make a difference. When you think spring, you think light, easy and fresh. A lightweight watch represents all of these things, and probably complements much of your wardrobe. There’s something heavy about a metal watch with a big face, so perhaps reserve this one for a cold day in spring.

A fedora 

The whole idea is to invest in small pieces that will jazz up your existing spring wardrobe – and a fedora will do exactly that. Its understated  style adds a touch of sophistication. So throw on a pair of sandals, a white T-shirt and a pair of shades; top it off with a fedora and see how the ladies respond.

Chino shorts 

Chino shorts will be one of your best investments because they bring two worlds into one. If you think shorts at the office is a no-no, perhaps you haven’t been thinking about the right pair. Chino shorts make sense if you want to smarten up a casual look.



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