Model Marriage – Marriage Counselling Handbook


Something that a lot of us are interested in or want or wish for! But do we know what it is or are we ready for? Lot of people get marriage for the wrong reasons or thin they are ready.

Some of the wrong reasons people get marriage for:

  • Someone’s looks or body shape
  • Love feelings, something that is built and sometimes can be encourage by or based material things
  • New relationship feelings
  • A new born child in a relationship
  • And more


Some considerations before:

  • Are the feelings you have for each other real or just a moment which can be altered when challenges come?
  • Is finance, security or material things the motivator to get marriage
  • Is there Love, Respect, Loyalty and Faith in your relationship or just “Love”?
  • Do you know each other well enough?
  • Do you have religious believes or opposing / opposite?
  • Can you tolerate each other in good or bad moments?
  • and more

Read more in the book before saying I do, Model Marriage; A Marriage Counselling Handbook

Download (PDF, 2.96MB)



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