More jobs created in Gauteng

Pretoria – Gauteng Premier David Makhura has welcomed the increase in jobs created in the province between July and September.

The Quarterly Labour Force results, released by Statistics South Africa on Tuesday, indicate that the Gauteng economy has created the highest number of jobs in the third quarter, with 126 000 new jobs created. 

“We welcome this growth. It augurs well with our efforts to get our provincial economy to recover and grow in a way that is inclusive and creates jobs,” Premier Makhura said.

Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality and the City of Tshwane recorded the largest job gains at 61 000 and 39 000 respectively. This represents 5.3% growth at Ekurhuleni and 3.2% in Tshwane. Johannesburg recorded 0.7% growth, with district and local municipalities recording 1.9% growth combined. 

Gauteng has 5 068 million people employed.

According to the survey, the sectors that created the most jobs are the finance sector with 58 000 jobs, while the retail and wholesale sector created 45 000 and the transport sector created 27 000 jobs. The construction sector also recorded 22 000 new jobs. 

“In the past two years, the Gauteng government has engaged in a process to understand the economic potential of each region based on its unique features.

“This has resulted in the development of the Gauteng Economic Plan with sector specific strategies for growth,” the Gauteng Provincial Government said.

In June, an economic indaba was held with business, labour and civil society to discuss growth and development strategies. The indaba reiterated the importance of working together to drive reindustrialisation and growth.

“Government committed to use the public procurement policy to decisively promote employment, empowerment, and local manufacturing. A partnership between the Gauteng government and businesses exists through a programme called Tshepo 500 000,” the Gauteng Provincial Government said.

The programme seeks to expose young people to training opportunities, entrepreneurship, and employment. 

“We will continue with our programme of reaching out to business to build sustainable partnerships towards job creation and economic growth,” Premier Makhura said. –


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