N.O.V.A Legacy FPS Android Game 2019

N.O.V.A. Legacy FPS Game 2019, brings a 3D fantasy FPS experience. The game is about the fight of Kal Wardin – the hero of the NO.V.A. You will be with Yelena – Kal’s own Artificial Intelligence Special Agent, and the two must resist the sudden attack of the Alien army. The game has many attractive game modes such as Death War, Death War Team. You design the marines with a full range of special 3D shirts, and compete against other players on online rankings.

The game allows viewing the playback of “Deathblow” under the third view of those shot down. You build and upgrade fictional guns by collecting cards, and enjoy the N.O.V.A. shooting experience. Original with fictional 3D graphics. Finally, the game has three special game modes: Story Mode, Night Event, and Special Campaign.


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