New Year, New Cheers!

Happy New Year! We hope your 2021 is off to a flying start. As you look ahead take time to plan the milestones, hopes and dreams for the new year. If not, now’s certainly the time. We’re here to show you how to make  2021 your best year yet.

Organization starts at home

Cluttered desk, cluttered mind! Clearing your head takes more than just tidying drawers. Clearing space in your place it will do wonders for your headspace, too. Take things in small, manageable steps, room-by-room. Strive for no waste, putting items into piles as you go, such as: ‘to be upcycled/recycled’, ‘charity store’ or ‘gift to a loved one’ so your unneeded or unwanted items can be of used in another form, or given away.


To do, or not to do?

Sometimes it feels like the ‘To Do’ list is turning into the ‘Never Going to Get Done’ list. When this is the case, it’s time to seriously consider all your commitments and distill them down to what brings you joy. A great starting point is to take each ‘to do’ and align it with your goals for 2021. If it doesn’t advance one of them, does it really need to be done at all? For example, you might feel obliged to be the one who organizes all the work birthday presents, money collections, lunches and beyond, but if that contradicts your 2021 goal of ‘having more time and energy’, then it’s time for it to go!

Pro Tip: If you’re really struggling defining the above, split your commitments into three lists:

  1. Must Do (the stuff that HAS to get done, even if you hate it e.g. pay the bills, do laundry)
  2. Love To Do (the things you aspire to do, but don’t always find the time e.g. cook more, learn a language, take art classes)
  3. Hate to Do (the stuff that you aren’t actually obligated to do, nor not enjoy doing, but feel the pressure to do them).

Next, focus only on ticking off the tasks on your first two lists. What to do with that third list? Well, throw it in the trash, of course! #ProblemSolved

Think forward

It’s possible to enjoy your present while planning for a bright future. A great way to look forward is to write a letter to ‘future you’. Pen yourself a note for 12 months time – outline where you imagine you’ll be and what you’ve done throughout the year. Seal it, store it someplace safe and then leave it be for the whole year! Come the end of the year, open it and read it through your 2021 lens and marvel in the things you’ve achieved. But don’t get down if you find that it doesn’t quite match up to what you originally wrote. Instead, use it as positive fuel to forge the path for 2022.

Pro Tip: Before you do the above, free yourself from ALL distractions – that’s right, no screens. Get out in nature, sit in your back garden, find a cosy corner in your favourite coffee shop – anywhere you know that you can rely on for peace, and that is free from distractions.

Eat your heart out

Fuel your 2021 with nutritious meals which pack in flavor, are able to be made in bigger portions, and won’t go wasting precious ingredients.

Be thankful

It may not be possible to get together with all your loved ones, but you can still head into 2021 and be thankful for each other and create a sense of togetherness across the miles. For those whom you are able to meet, prioritize your time and schedule in advance. That way, when life gets busy, you already have your plans set in stone. And for those who are far, schedule in weekly or monthly video calls and make it part of your routine – and make sure to talk about all the fun things you will do when you can get together in person again!

Pro Tip: Come together virtually over a classic pastime



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