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Stash Savings and Investment Android App South African version

Stash is an app that invests your spare change. Simple. Every time you swipe your card, Stash detects the transaction, rounds it up to the nearest R10 and invests your spare change. This spare change – small amounts of money – is invested in SA’s Top 40 Biggest Companies. As these companies grow, so does your Stash.

How it works?

Stash helps you stash small amounts every day in a tax-free investment. Just download the free app and tell us which bank card you use the most.

Every time you swipe that bank card, you pay for your goods, and stash your spare change. It’s just as if you’d paid with hard cash and the change has been stashed away in a piggy bank.

Your Stash is tucked away in South Africa’s biggest companies. So now South Africa’s brightest business brains are working for you. Give your friends R10, on us, by referring them to Stash.


How to start Stashing?

After you install the free Stash app, all you’ll need to start stashing is:

  1. Your first name
  2. Your cell phone number
  3. A photo of your bank card – which we don’t store.


Where does your Stash savings go?


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