Strong Password Generator South Africa

Password Generator helps to create or generate good secure passwords for all kinds of users. You can generate a password for cPanel, WordPress website and other online platforms. Most users use simple or predictable passwords like birthdays, phone numbers and other words that are easy to remember.

What is a strong password?

1. At least 6 to 10 characters
2. Contains at least 1 Capital
3. Contains at least 1 small letter
4. Contains at least 1 special symbol like *&##$
5. Contains at least 1 number

Passwords you need to avoid

1. Random keyboard keys like “cvbnm” since hack code generators can guess that.
2. Usual numbers like “0000”, “1234567”,
3. Phone numbers, especially a number that everyone has and is online directories
4. Child date of birth

It is recommended to change a passwords every 3 months if there is high level data involved and more so to also use a 2 level authenticator that links to an App or phone.

Stay Safe 🙂


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