Sugar Syrup:

1/4 Cup (60ml) Water

2 Tbsp (30ml) Castor Sugar

1 Stick Cinnamon

3 Star Anise

1 Bottle (750ml) Red Wine

1/4 (60ml) Gin or White Rum

Juice (60ml) of 2 Limes

1 Punnet (250g) Strawberries, Halved

1 Punnet (250g) Raspberrie

3-4 Peaches, Cubed

3 Cups (750ml) Lemonade or Soda Water

Mint Leaves, To Garnish


Serve 4-6

Heat sugar syrup ingredients and simmer until sugar dissolves. Cool and strain. Combine syrup, red wine, gin(or rum), lime juice and fruit in a jug. Refrigerate for 8 hours. Top mixture with lemonade or soda water and ice  just before serving.


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