The New Hyundai i30 N

Track addicts rejoice. Hyundai has unleashed its i30 N with a suite of tuning goodies to boost the car’s lapping abilities.

Hyundai Germany will debut the ‘N Customized’ parts.

Hyundai Australia, meanwhile, has expressed interest to bring them into what is predicted to be the second biggest N market, but can’t reveal much else.

However, an example decked out in the full range of parts was displayed at the car’s launch at Vallelunga race circuit in Rome, Italy, just last week.

It wore a tasty looking set of O.Z Racing Hyper GT wheels. Measuring 19 by 8 inches, they weigh in at 9.4kg at each corner.

They come with lightweight racing nuts and wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R rubber. Yes, the same tyre McLaren leaves as an option for its P1.

The footprint is carried over on 235/35 sized contact patches.

You can also ditch the stock ITT brake pads for PAGID items that will slide into the N’s single-piston calipers for added bite.

A three-way adjustable rear sway bar will be the next most effective upgrade after the tyres. We’re told its middle setting matches stock stiffness.

Recaro features inside with leather Pole Position bucket seats installed on trick seat rails. While an AIM SOLO DL data logger is available too.

Germans will cough up €3348 (AU$5018) for the wheel, nut and tyre package; €349 (AU$523) for either pair of brake pads, and 289 (AU$433) for the swaybar. Overseas prices on the data logger and seats aren’t confirmed yet.

For an idea on how these parts might transform the car, stay tuned for our review on the i30 this Friday.


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