Al-le-lu-ia the Lord God omnipotent reigns and He has purposed to reveal Himself to his blood bought children, so that they might also reign in life through the one Jesus Christ. The writer of the book of Hebrews said that Jesus is the express image of God the Father. Paul said in Colossians 2:9 that in Jesus dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. Jesus declared to Thomas and Phillip that if they had seen him, then, they had seen the Father. In John 10:30 it is recorded that Jesus said that He and the Father were one. This state of walking in the Spirit, so that believers might be one with our Heavenly Father is the original intent of the Great Creator God.

It is my calling in life to seek out and discover the whole counsel of God pertaining to the Full Divine Nature of the Most High God. Some years back I was pursuing this calling and I was sent to Waco, Texas to conduct some meetings in a local Baptist Church. There was a good deal of fasting and praying taking place and God’s presence was very strong and precious. The Lord gave a very significant spiritual dream to one of the Baptist ladies and she came and shared it with me. The dream was a giant numeral seven with a platform supporting believers on top of it. These believers were rejoicing and praising God and really walking in total victory. They were flanked on each side by large Angels and all things were working together for their good. Underneath the platform were other believers, but they were surrounded by snakes and scorpions, and explosives were going off all about them. These believers were frustrated, discouraged, and even despondent about their position in life.

When the Baptist sister, in the Lord, told me the dream, I heard THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH say that the dream pertains to the Seven Spirits of God. I told the lady that I did not have any understanding about that subject and I had never heard anyone teach or preach about it. I assured her that I would do some more fasting and praying and get the full interpretation when I got back to Amarillo.
When I first got back home I was seeking the Lord about the full interpretation of the dream. The Spirit of Truth began to lead me into the full revelation about the Seven Spirits of God. I had the understanding given to me that it was about the full Divine Nature of our Heavenly Father, expressed in seven different character traits. I was told that I would receive the individual traits one a week, for seven weeks. The first week while praying and seeking God for further understanding, I heard the words “God is Love.” I taught that lesson on Sunday morning. I taught the next six weeks on the other six traits which came as I prayed and sought the Lord. The full seven come in an orderly sequence as follows: LOVE, FAITH, MERCY, JUDGMENT, HOLINESS, WISDOM, and TRUTH. The eighth week while praying about the Truth which was unfolding I heard the Holy Spirit say in my Spirit “God is Light.”

During my college days at Oklahoma State University I had taken two courses of Physics, which was a part of the training to get my Engineering degree. I remembered that the subject of light was one of the fascinating parts of the Physics course. When a beam of white light passes through a glass prism, it is broken up into a rainbow like band of colors called the visible spectrum. Also present are the infrared rays and the ultraviolet rays which are not visible to the natural eye. The visible colors are the pattern given in the covenant God established with Noah after the great flood. The rainbow is mentioned around the throne of God in Revelation 4:3 and Ezekiel 1:28.

I had the understanding about the colors of the rainbow and why the revelation came in a divine order sequence. The color red is the top color of the rainbow and represents the love of God shown to the world through the blood of Jesus. It is the largest of the colors and usually is visible even in partial appearances of the rainbow. During a full rainbow the colors blend together so perfectly, that we call it a rainbow, singular, rather than rainbows plural. The colors touch the earth even as God desires to touch the earth with His full Divine Nature revealed. In days to come look for additional teaching on the “Seven Spirits of God” and how you may live in a Psalm 91 life.



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