TymeBank South Africa

South Africans now have more ways to bank and “earn points”

TymeBank’s majority shareholder is African Rainbow Capital, a fully black-owned and controlled investment company, making TymeBank the first majority black-owned retail bank in South Africa. Our business is designed and run around three key principles:

We believe that every South African has the right to accessible and affordable banking so that they can take part in, grow and benefit from the country’s economy.

We believe in the potential of people in this country. We have designed our products, services and tools to help individuals, businesses and communities achieve everything we know they’re capable of.

We constantly look for ways to empower South Africans to take back control of their money. By helping them understand how money really works and giving them a transparent view of their own financial situation, we make it easier for our customers to make decisions today that translate into a secure financial future.


More info: https://www.tymebank.co.za/


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