You can now apply to renew your South African Driving Licence via WhatsApp

South African motorists can now renew their car licence disk using WhatsApp thanks to a company called Infobip.

It is apparently a quick and easy process.

Infobip’s Senior Sales Manager for South Africa, Andre Joubert details the process.

It is convenient and takes less than two minutes. All you need to do is enter your vehicle registration number, the number is then verified to see if you are the owner, you then take a snapshot of your drivers licence or your ID, you submit that to them and they will also ask for a proof of residence…

— Andre Joubert, Senior sales manager for SA – Infobip

Once that is done, a quote is generated. That quote is then provided to you on WhatsApp with a link and you can make payment immediately.

— Andre Joubert, Senior sales manager for SA – Infobip

Within five working days you get your license renewal, the disk actually, delivered to you by courier.

— Andre Joubert, Senior sales manager for SA – Infobip


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